Tori + Ethan: Speedway couple races to matrimony at the Estate on the Halifax, Port Orange Florida.

I had the pleasure of working with this awesome couple not once but twice! We had a fun filled engagement session at the speedway… not only an AWESOME place to take pictures, but it’s where these two lovebirds met and fell in love. So it was only fitting that we have a shoot there.  Just another of the many AMAZING locations (and one of the most epic!) that I get to work in as a wedding photographer in Daytona Beach.

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After such a totally EPIC engagement session I knew wedding day was going to be incredible!! I was not disappointed! These guys said their vows in the Estate on the Halifax Chapel surrounded by friends and family. They utilized flowers that I have NEVER seen before as part of a wedding…. Magnolias!!! They were EVERYWHERE! Table numbers, bouquet, decor… it was such a unique and gorgeous choice! From all of us at Jennifer Juniper Photography we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!!

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