Mianca + James: A destination beach-side ceremony at the Shores Resort

Mianca and James said their vows at the beautiful Shores resort and Spa, Daytona Beach. While we had limited coverage times for this event, I did have the pleasure of documenting all of my favorite moments!! From getting ready, to walking down the aisle, to vows, to first kiss, to portraits, we were able to utilize the breathtaking views that the Shores Resort has to offer! This was also one of the most beautiful sunsets we’d had in a while, after a particularly cold and dreary spring.

Take a look at some of the highlights from their big day, and help us to congratulate this adorable couple!

D50_4293cD50_4300bD50_4328bD50_4395bD50_4405D50_4417bDSC_7438bDSC_7451b1I9A2410 (3)b1I9A2410 (11)1I9A2410 (17)b1I9A2410 (24)c1I9A2410 (21)1I9A2479 (7)bD50_4580bDSC_7521b1I9A2733DSC_7529bD50_4599D50_4608D50_4630bD50_4670b1I9A2799bD50_4662DSC_7545b1I9A2794D50_4708D50_4720DSC_2887 (3)D50_4760DSC_7593DSC_7659DSC_7651DSC_7671bDSC_7727DSC_7809bDSC_7822DSC_7781DSC_7794DSC_7783bD50_4850DSC_7834bD50_4812b

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