Jennifer & Sam: Rock fans say “I DO”

Jennifer & Sam tied the knot in a blustery but beautiful beach ceremony in New Smyrna Beach. With 80’s rock bands memorabilia accents, there were SO many fun details to capture! Between rock band pins, record album signs, and guitar cake toppers, there was something unique every where we looked!  I love when couples break from the norm, and truly customize their special day to THEIR individual passions, and these two went ALL out! We definitely had a great time, and heard some GREAT music while we captured the special moments!!

In addition to all the detailed and fun decor, it was obvious that this wedding was different for another reason. Jennifer & Sam are simply a perfect couple! There were tears, there were smiles, there was SINGING. Sam called Jennifer his butterfly, and I can’t think of anything more adorable than that!!!

From all of us at Jennifer Juniper Photography, we wish Sam and his butterfly a lifetime of happiness together!!!


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