Chelsea + Kyle: “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus”- A Harry Potter wedding…plus a little bit of “the office”.

Who doesn’t love a good love story!

When Chelsea & Kyle met with me and told me about their Harry Potter inspired wedding I knew it was going to be amazing. But when they showed up to their engagement session with the complete set of books, wands, and Hogwarts uniforms…. well I couldn’t wait to get started. Having basically unlimited time at one of Daytona’s most BEAUTIFUL venues is also always a good thing as well! Rarely do we get the opportunity to hit ALL of our favorite photo locations… but I don’t think there was a single corner of the property we didn’t use. Whether it was working with the dogs, lighting sparklers, stacking books, or waving wands, it was something different every step of the way! The weather was perfect, and to date it is one of my all time favorite shoots!

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In what seemed like NO time at all, the big day was upon us! These two had so many amazing details, from an AMAZING cake with scenes from Hogwarts and a quidditch goal post topper,  to floo powder above the tavern’s multiple fireplaces. Blue and green accents added a pop of color, from glittery emerald converse, to blue paper bouquets, there was something amazing to look at in ever direction.

But what really amazed me about these guys wasn’t the theme, or the details… but rather the love that was evident, and I feel translated SO easily into the imagery. These two are just natural together, and no pose was forced, or awkward. They laughed, they smiled, they cried, and they kissed, and we got to take a little bit of a back seat and just document pure emotion! Granted being very “posey” photographers, we definitely planned some “mega” dips, and lifts, but I don’t recall saying even once, “look happy!”.

The amazing vendors we got to work with at this one helped to make it a truly memorable event.

Venue: Estate on the Halifax

DJ: Bob Bigwood

Cake: (OMG go look at that cake again. It’s amazing!!) Cakery Creations

Video: James Shuler

Hair/makeup: Cori Newhook

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