Sarabeth + Dale: An intimate ceremony at Our Lady of Lourdes, Daytona Beach.

I only got to meet Sarabeth & Dale the day of their wedding! I was more familiar with the venue than I was with the couple!  The church is part of the Catholic school that my boyfriend teaches music at, so while I have been there many times to watch him conduct his musicals, winter advent programs, and recitals, I had not had the pleasure of photographing in the STUNNING chapel. Finally, an Our Lady of Lourdes wedding! I had always thought that the incredible stained glass would be AMAZING with a bride and groom in front of it… that’s how I go about life on a regular basis…. looking at things and places and picturing how it would look with a wedding couple in front! Well I was NOT disappointed! You’ll see! Add it to the list of yet another of the awesome places that I get to work as a Daytona Beach wedding photographer!

Our lovely couple was dressed in traditional Korean wedding attire… something I had never seen before and it was SO pretty! The ceremony itself included passages read by immediate family, and of course, the exchange of rings. After formal family portraits at the breathtaking altar, I was able to move on to the couple and my much anticipated stained glass.

While it was just a very small group, this wedding was one for the books! I know they were hosting a reception for the couple the following Thursday. I hope it was a BLAST guys, and thank you so very much for letting me be a part of your big day!


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