Jennifer + Kevin: Dragons, Jasmine, and more at Lake Mary Events Center

I met Jennifer & Kevin on their wedding day.  I had at that point only spoken with their AMAZING maid of honor, and the father of the bride briefly. See, Jennifer & Kevin’s wedding photographer was in an accident shortly before their big day, and I was called in at the last minute. I had never been to Lake Mary Event Center before for a wedding… as primarily a Daytona Beach wedding photographer, while I DO travel, most of my work is on the east coast… so I was really going in blind.

Not that I was WORRIED, per say…. I do love a good challenge. And I do find that being unfamiliar with my surroundings often leads to some of my favorite imagery because I am forced to look at everything from a new fresh perspective, and really think out of the box. I’m happy to say this event was no different! Everywhere I looked there was something beautiful to photograph, and there were SO many amazing little accents that made this one REALLY unique!

Our bride Jennifer walked in as I was shooting her wedding gown, and she mentioned it was the same gown her mom had worn for her wedding! What a lovely tribute! And then I saw the bright and beautiful purple and blue bouquet, and the DRAGONS on the cake, and I knew we’d all be just fine.

The one thing the maid of honor had mentioned when I had spoken with her a few days prior was that Jennifer loved nature! And to get as many beautiful nature pictures as I could, including the herons that lived by the lake. Well, it POURED in the middle of the ceremony, and I never did see any herons, BUT I got some great foliage pictures, and was able to sneak the bride and groom outside after for some INCREDIBLE…. well, just scroll down and take a look! It was truly breathtaking!!

I do hope their original photographer is fully recuperated and back to shooting. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super psyched that I had the opportunity to be a part of their big day! Congratulations to you both, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!


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