KelliGrace + David: Beautiful Daytona Beach wedding at Crystal Ballroom.

Where do I start with KelliGrace & David. I met them first at an open house, and I knew right away that their wedding would be awesome. They’re so chilled out, and FUN! Instead of an engagement session we did family portraits, and had a blast. But add in the elegance of the Crystal Ballroom, the romance of red roses EVERYWHERE, an AMAZING gown, (or TWO!) and all their friends and family, and we have perfection!

Ok, maybe not PERFECTION. Maybe dinner started a little late, and maybe we had to do an indoor ceremony due to a few snafus out of our control… but from a photographic standpoint, things could NOT have gone better. And in the giant scheme of things, the PICTURES last forever, so that’s what really matters, RIGHT?? 🙂

Their wedding was an incredible example of how time FLIES BY during weddings. Do this, do that, look here, stand there, GO GO GO! It’s fast paced, and I know it can get overwhelming. But at the end of the day, these two are now united as husband and wife, and I do hope that there are at LEAST a dozen or so MUST HAVE pictures for their wall, and that we’ve made some memories for them that will last a lifetime. As a Daytona Beach Wedding Photographer, that’s really all I can ask for!

Thank you both for letting me be a part of your big day! We had a blast!

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