Maghen & Rodney: A Destination Beach Wedding, Cocoa Beach FL

I had never been to Cocoa Beach before, so I was super excited when I was contacted about Maghen & Rodney’s wedding! Little beach weddings are our FAVS… and being a Florida Wedding Photographer it’s something that we get to do a LOT! This was also a Florida Destination Wedding, which means I didn’t even get to SEE our bride until she was walking down the aisle! But that makes things that much more exciting and unique!

After a short wedding that included a wine ceremony, vows, and of course, RINGS, the couple was officially husband and wife! That’s when we got to truly do our thing! Beach portraits! And we were able to utilize Cocoa Beach’s pier for some really unique images!

CONGRATULATIONS to our awesome couple, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!  Thank you to Weddings by Esther for this awesome referral!

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