Sarah + Richard: Riverside Pavilion, Port Orange Florida

Sarah + Richard’s big day was at the STUNNING Riverside Pavilion. And it had been a while since I had shot there, and I had been dying to work with some of their new renovations. Also, the park across the street had a “mound”. I referred to it during their wedding also as the “grassy knoll”. But regardless… mound, grassy knoll, whatever! Add in a truly amazing couple that put up with SO MANY PICTURES, and you have one happy photog! Never mind the near record temps that day. I wouldn’t change a thing! You’ll see! (As a Daytona Beach wedding photographer I’ve learned to live with the weather anyway!)

Another cool detail that differed from the norm was that these guys chose to do their garter and bouquet toss outside! Along with some riverside dancing. We ended the night with a glow stick exit, and our couple drove off into the night! It was a picture perfect day, and I wish this couple much joy and happiness in the years to come!

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