Teresa + Joe: Streamers,pubs, and pizza, oh my! A fun wedding at the Brannon Center, NSB Fl.

Teresa and Joe’s wedding… this one took me a little longer to get through than some of the other events. As I REALLY began looking at images, I found SO MANY fun things that happened… things that somehow I didn’t even see happen, but was able to relive on my second photographer’s imagery. There were glow sticks, streamers, an amazing donut display…. we took an impromptu trip to a pub when nobody was looking, there were pizzas delivered as a late night snack, there was a candy bar, and glow glasses, and… I could just go on and on.

Our couple said their vows on the back patio of the beautiful Brannon Center, overlooking the river and the bridges in the background. A BEAUTIFUL floral arch created a stunning frame for the nuptials, and beautiful white bouquets were classic and romantic against the blush bridesmaids gowns, and the blue accents.

What I had the MOST fun with was the formal portraits. We had the opportunity to shoot around the building, using the bridge, stunning sunset, tree line, and architectural aspects of the new venue. And then Joe grabbed his car and they drove off into the sunset! Well, more like around the corner for their first beer together at the New Smyrna Beach Brewery.

This is one of those sessions where the blog post will never live up to ALLLL the amazingness of their big day!  But I will do my best to do it justice! ENJOY, and thank you for letting us help document your big day! (and thanks for the midnight pizza!!!) DSC_9970cDSC_0086bD50_8441D50_8448cD50_8296D50_8305bD50_8310bDSC_0005bDSC_0035bDSC_99941I9A6200D50_8341D50_8327bD50_8387D50_8376D50_8420bD50_83621I9A6244b1I9A62131I9A6221bD50_8465D50_84761I9A6376D50_8538bD50_8554D50_8547DSC_0175DSC_0192b1I9A64341I9A6425D50_8638D50_8660bD50_8675bD50_8679D50_8699bD50_8740D50_87671I9A6497b1I9A6500 (1)bDSC_0263DSC_0271bD50_8798bD50_8816bD50_8839bDSC_0299bD50_8880bD50_8885bDSC_0308bD50_8928D50_8938bD50_9207D50_9218bD50_9230D50_9223D50_9258bDSC_0315DSC_0317D50_8393D50_8399D50_8401D50_8403D50_9178bD50_9200bD50_9433D50_9429D50_9426D50_9447bD50_8978D50_8990D50_8995bD50_90011I9A6610 (4)D50_9009D50_9010D50_9023bD50_9071D50_9085D50_9101D50_9107D50_9132D50_9150D50_9157bD50_9173D50_9316bD50_9329D50_9331D50_9366bD50_93521I9A6735 (9)bDSC_0449DSC_0436DSC_0425DSC_0405DSC_0417bDSC_6637bDSC_6812bDSC_6820DSC_6867DSC_6905 (10)D50_9631D50_9603D50_9593D50_9573D50_9566bD50_94731I9A6924b1I9A6932DSC_6931DSC_6934bDSC_6934D50_9622bD50_9678bD50_9673

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