Karly & Kyle: A Riverside Pavilion Wedding, Daytona Beach Florida

Karly & Kyle managed to have EVERYTHING for their wedding…. BEAUTIFUL weather, a beach backdrop, a riverside ceremony… there were birds chirping, a gentle breeze blowing, and we had SO much time for pictures! While I realize it’s not ALL about the photography, yada yada, I do find our brides can slow things down, relax, be PRESENT, and enjoy their special day when we are allotted enough time to do what we need to do!  In addition to making the day more pleasurable for all, it allows for minor snafus such as… leaving the rings at the hotel! (oops!) #crisisaverted

Our lovely couple got ready at the beautiful Daytona Beach Hilton Oceanfront. The spacious bridal room was a perfect location for the gown, rings, the most AMAZING confetti poppers, and all that jazz. The Daytona Beach clock tower was a perfect iconic Daytona backdrop for some stunning bridal portraits, and the crystal blue ocean is always a favorite of ours for pictures.

A short limo ride away was the ceremony and reception, hosted by the one and only Riverside Pavilion. Our couple exchanged vows overlooking the intercoastal, and we were able to get more portraits in the variety of photo locations this beautiful venue has to offer.

Then there was…DANCING! Boas, and music, and cake and all the FUN stuff that comes with a wedding! And we were there to document it all. From all of us at Jennifer Juniper Photography, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together, and thank you for letting us be a part of your big day.

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