Evette + Matthew: Only Love

Evette & Matthew not only said their vows at one of our favorite venues, but at our FAVORITE ceremony site! The STUNNING gazebo at the Estate on the Halifax creates such a picturesque backdrop for our couple. From the long brick walkway approach, to the beautiful lake behind, everywhere we look we have another stunning photo opportunity.

Our couple chose to accent their wedding in hues of blue, for a wintery feel, but without the wintery weather! It was a gorgeous Florida day… New Years Eve Eve! And we had a blast being a part of their celebration. From the customized converse, to the amazing candy bar and dessert table, no detail was forgotten. In fact, a number of Evette’s bridesmaids were heard exclaiming “who knew she was so extra!! This is AMAZING!” And I have to agree with them! The whole day was truly picture perfect!

I hope you had a lovely start to the new year as husband and wife, and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to document it all.

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