New Smyrna Beach Destination Wedding

Jess and Rick….. are just the greatest. No, I mean that. They are perhaps the most fun, caring, and happiest couple I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Their New Smyrna Beach destination wedding was totally unique. And I do tons of little beach weddings. So it wasn’t the location, or tropical theme that set it apart. It was the vibe. EVERYONE was incredible, and relaxed. Everyone had an absolute blast. Above all, everyone was so happy. And that in itself was refreshing to see.

For this particular New Smyrna Beach destination wedding we were able to offer even more services. Juniper Lane Events, our sister company, did photo booth, and wedding video as well. And then I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jess and Rick AGAIN just a few days later! But I’ll get to that. First I cannot wait to share a summary of their big day! It truly was incredible.

And off they went into the night! But not really…. Like I said, got to work with them AGAIN just a few short days later in their TOTALLY EPIC trash the dress session. But much like their wedding, THIS session was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It started out so well. We were having a blast on the beach. Without a care in the world, I got some of the coolest beach pictures of my career. I don’t know what we didn’t realize the extent of the storm rolling in. I guess we were too involved in taking pictures. But before we knew it, we were trapped on the beach in a crazy storm!

And there we were. Soaked to the bone, broken umbrella, I won’t lie, fearing a little bit for our lives. But when it was past, we had some INCREDIBLE images, and quite a memorable story to share. From all of us at Jennifer Juniper Photography, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

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