Wedding at Bridle Oaks Barn

Allison and Pierce’s wedding at Bridle Oaks Barn tops the list for one of my all time favorites. First, it was at this STUNNING barn venue in Deland. We LOVE Bridle Oaks Barn! Second, well, this couple is just the gosh darn cutest. I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement portraits a while back. They’re kind, considerate, and SO in love.

Usually on wedding days, there’s a lot of stress. With so much going on, it’s really pretty normal. But this wedding was so peaceful. Everyone was calm, happy. Yes there were a few nerves, but there always are. But this one was different. Maybe it was the lucky horseshoes hidden in the decor. Who knows. But the vibe was just awesome.

Our couple planned a little first touch before the ceremony. A heartfelt few moments preceding the vows is one of my favorites. And this proves that you don’t have to SEE each other to have a special moment. Following was a beautiful ceremony, with a special 4 legged guest! A GOAT accompanied our groom and best man down the aisle.

Flash forward to the rustic barn reception, stunning night portraits with all the ambiance a wedding at Bridle Oaks Barn has to offer. And finally, our couple ran off into the night after a sparkler sendoff. It truly was picture perfect!!

From all of us at Jennifer Juniper Photography, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!