To the button pushers of tomorrow… and more stuff.

Welcome to my blog! A picture place… a people place… and hopefully a place that will make you chuckle every once in a while. (I think I’m kinda funny…. it runs in the family.) A place about my passion: photography. Photography is literally “light writing”, or according to Wikipedia “Photography is the art, science and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation,”  Which is good for everyone to know. I think people forget that every once in a while… they get so used to picking up a little square thing, pushing a button, and seeing an image that they lose the fact that it is LIGHT that makes it all happen.

There is a difference between a picture taker, and a photographer, as my mentor and dear friend Peter Weyand says. I am not a picture taker. Unless its with my iphone of my cat. (And by the way, as a side note, I got a business card the other day from an iphoneographer. I LOVE IT!!!! Call it what it is folks!!)  A picture taker pushes a button. (remind you of LOST anyone??)  A photographer…. (ESPECIALLY a Daytona Beach wedding photographer…which is SUPER competitive…) is always thinking, calculating, using math..yes people, FRACTIONS are essential to photography.. be good, do your homework, and you could grow up to be a doctor, a lawyer, or even a PHOTOGRAPHER!!!  🙂  )  Anyway, thinking, calculating, using math, looking at the sun, looking at the shadows, looking at the background (see that garbage can/telephone pole/ugly naked guy on the beach in your engagement shots?) , we do the hand thing (reflections people, plus Barb Wire would know what that means), we do the “photographer shuffle”, (getting from point A to point B without dropping lenses, batteries, contracts, reflectors, etc etc) it’s a LOT to keep in mind! Then we have to worry about you folks blinking, making funny faces, looking retarded, tilting heads the right way… ALL WHILE pushing the button! Whew!

If you have all read up to this point in my ramble, congratulations. You will be my true followers. If you skimmed…well,  I love you too. I understand my passion is not for everyone… I couldn’t listen to my dad talk for even one second about computer chips (BLEH!!)  and if my boyfriend opens his mouth to say something about HDRT cables on the XPLR contraband ?????  WTF???,  my sister talks about wine like it’s art. Deep and subtle with peach notes and a blah blah aftertaste… (bless her heart, drink the stupid cup already!)  So I get it. It’s not for everyone… BUT if you stay tuned I promise you will be entertained!

Please note: 3 things.

1) Yes, I ramble

2) I refuse to spell check ANY OF THIS

3) awww..crud, I forgot the 3rd thing already. Oh well.

I’m going to finish today’s post with a text I got from a bride yesterday. It makes EVERYTHING I do.. I mean, ALL the calculating, math, background checking, and button pushing worth EVERY second of it!

“Girl, you did great wonderful lovely good. GOD bless your business and I pray you have faithful paying clients in JESUS name amen!.”


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