Amy & Chad: an Intimate Gazebo Wedding at the Estate on the Halifax

When Amy & Chad contacted us to photograph their beautiful little wedding at one of our favorite venues, of course we were psyched. Being a Daytona Beach Wedding Photographer  allows us the unique opportunity to work in gardens, gazebos, little bridges, and in front of a multitude of flora while the rest of the country is under feet of snow!  And having a very small guest count of immediate family with a timeline revolving significantly around pictures was SO  much fun! I think we hit every corner of this beautiful property for portraits.  We got to test out a few new shots, play around with lighting a little bit, and have a nice relaxed session with a TON of images!!!

Catering: Aunt Catfish’s on the River

Florals: Simply Roses Florist

Hair/makeup: M3 Makeup Artists

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D50_3590D50_3609D50_3629D50_3659cD50_3683bD50_3694D50_3712_DSC9720b_DSC9716D50_3723bD50_3728bD50_3736b_DSC9725bD50_3750D50_3769bD50_3806D50_3843D50_3926b_DSC9874b_DSC9882b_DSC9924bD50_3957bD50_3993b_DSC9933cD50_4008bD50_4014bD50_4057bD50_4028b_DSC9947bD50_4065bD50_4086D50_4098D50_4107b_DSC9961D50_4130b_DSC9972bD50_4244bD50_4222D50_4144bD50_4182b_DSC10000 (9)bD50_4205b_DSC10000 (12)_DSC10000 (15)

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