Dawn & Eric: A Daytona Beach Elopement

SHHHH!!!! Oh, I guess the secret’s out by now! Dawn & Eric tied the knot!!! While it may have been a surprise to their friends and family back home, I had been looking forward to their beautiful sunset beach ceremony for weeks! With just a bride and a groom, and the beautiful beaches of Ponce Inlet, I was able to really focus on their formal portraits!

Flowers by: Zahn’s Flowers

Officiant: Sam Mullen

_DSC6965b_DSC6934_DSC6895b_DSC6913_DSC6990 (2)_DSC6990 (5)_DSC6945 (10)_DSC6987_DSC7054 (5)_DSC6877b_DSC7094b_DSC7068 (4)b_DSC7076_DSC7068 (8)_DSC7102b_DSC7108b_DSC7127b_DSC7140_DSC7142 (5)_DSC7142 (10)_DSC7142 (13)b_DSC7142 (22)1b_DSC7142 (24)_DSC7162b_DSC7142 (18)_DSC7142 (22)b_DSC7142 (20)

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