Samantha + Brian: Teachers Tie the Knot

Being a teacher is NOT an easy job! While I don’t know first hand, my boyfriend IS a teacher, and he comes home EXHAUSTED every day! So I can only imagine what it’s like to work a demanding job, AND try and plan a wedding! Weeks are full of classes, and homework, and grading! So what’s a couple to do with a crazy schedule like that? Well, get married on a MONDAY during spring break!! And that’s exactly what they did!

Now, I love non Saturday weddings. Saturdays are so competitive, and unfortunately, as a pretty busy Daytona Beach Wedding Photographer, I often have to turn people down due to being already booked. But Mondays? SURE! I can watch the Bachelor on the DVR later, right? So I was definitely looking forward to this one! Add in my favorite venue, an awesome DJ, some GORGEOUS florals…. well, I’ll let you take a look for yourselves!

Venue: The Estate on the Halifax

DJ: Mister DJ

Flowers: Pink Flamingo at Petals

Planning: Affordable Weddings of Daytona

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