Katie + Devin: A Beachside Daytona Destination Wedding

Katie + Devin chose to say their vows in the best of both worlds as far as a Daytona Beach Wedding goes… At the gorgeous Shores Resort & Spa, couples get to have a ceremony overlooking the world’s most famous beach, but avoid the sand and the water and the struggles that sometimes go along with a wedding ON the beach! The Shore’s Resort’s beautiful raised gazebo is a perfect compromise, and then we get to go to the beach after for portraits! It’s a win-win for everyone! Plus they have one of our favorite getting ready rooms for the bride… spacious, and with huge windows overlooking all of Daytona… and have I mentioned they have the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches??!

So Katie and Devin’s big day was a little overcast… most people don’t realize this is actually great lighting for portraits! The clouds act as a natural diffuser to soften the light, and reduces squinting. So we were able to do some beautiful couple’s portraits on the beach before heading upstairs to dance the night away!! That’s when things got REALLY fun! You won’t want to miss these highlights from their big day! CONGRATULATIONS to you both!

Venue: The Shores Resort & Spa

Officiant: Wiley Lowe

Day of Coordination: Knotical Weddings

Florals: Simply Roses Florist

Desserts: Sweet by Holly

DJ: Mister DJ Entertainment

Photography: Jennifer Juniper Photography

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