Jennifer + Joe: Donuts & Dinosaurs & Golden Eggs Oh My!

THIS wedding was definitely unique! Was it the flaming donuts? Was it the guest appearance by a T-Rex? Golden Easter eggs? Monogrammed bread rolls? No, no, and no. I mean, YES these were SUCH awesome details to add to your big day, but what stuck out to me the most about this couple was the laughter, the smiles, the humor. As a relatively serious person, I do envy people that can make others laugh… that can make people smile, and that are light hearted enough to not take things SO seriously. I honestly believe it’s the best way to live, and Jennifer & Joe obviously are enjoying life to it’s fullest… TOGETHER!

These guys tied the knot on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, as a destination wedding. Coming down from up North to The Estate on the Halifax’s STUNNING gardens, flora, and the beautiful Florida weather! It was a picture perfect day, and we had a blast documenting it all.

This couple chose to attend their own cocktail hour after their beautiful chapel ceremony…. foregoing formal couple’s portraits until after dinner. So we had the privilege of catching candids of them with their guests post ceremony, and the fun kid’s activities like the Easter egg hunt!! I’d like to add that Puff n Stuff catering provided vegetarian and vegan h’ordeurve¬† options for the bride, so as a vegetarian myself, this was like HEAVEN! (Yes, I sampled a pepper stuffed with something amazing…. no idea what it was!)¬† (ok, I sampled 2) And did I mention the bread rolls were MONOGRAMMED? Stars hung from the ceiling of the Tavern in a beautifully elegant twist on decor,¬† Donuts were covered in a Bourbon glaze and LIT ON FIRE (Yes you read that right!), and YES a T-Rex did break it down on the dance floor.

There were tears, there were laughs, there were a lot of goofy faces… and there was love, and at the end of the day I’m SO lucky that I get to observe that in SO many different forms. From all of us at Jennifer Juniper Photography, we thank you for letting us be a small part of your BIG day, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Venue: Estate on the Halifax

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