Gabriella & Justin: A Romantic Chapel Wedding at the Estate on the Halifax

Gabriella & Justin had a beautiful Friday wedding at one of our favorite locations; the Estate on the Halifax…. only this one was a little different! After what was one of the colder winters I’ve experienced in Florida, we FINALLY started seeing the beautiful flowers that make wedding photography in this area SO much fun! So after a fully packed chapel ceremony with more guests than I think I’ve EVER seen in there, (And a pretty lengthy family portrait session immediately following) we had the opportunity to work with just bridal party, and then the newlyweds themselves!

Chapel pictures, garden pictures, covered bridge pictures…Did you see that cathedral length veil?????  We got to shoot it all in what was a little bit of a mad dash but… that’s SO normal at weddings! The results were what I think was one of my favorite sets of images of an amazing couple!  We can’t thank you enough for letting us be a part of it all!

D50_2325cD50_2306bD50_2300D50_2336bD50_2432cD50_2270D50_2369D50_2379DSC_5777bDSC_5804bD50_2466bD50_2484bDSC_5854DSC_5846bDSC_5838cDSC_5868DSC_5879D50_2532bDSC_0899DSC_0855bDSC_0868bDSC_0873 (6)DSC_0970bDSC_1042bDSC_0908bDSC_0881bDSC_1050 (5)bDSC_1050 (8)bD50_2555DSC_5990bDSC_6010D50_2591DSC_6019bDSC_6015DSC_1077bD50_2606D50_2624bD50_2629D50_2638bDSC_1105bD50_2673bDSC_6148D50_2703D50_2728bD50_2737bDSC_6210bDSC_6199bDSC_6186DSC_1185bDSC_1170DSC_1180DSC_1186DSC_6289DSC_6303bDSC_1295bDSC_1269bDSC_1298bD50_2816DSC_1320DSC_1348D50_2845D50_2851D50_2900D50_2922D50_2865bDSC_6342bDSC_6413DSC_6423DSC_1490b

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