Nicole + Tom: Suddenly Suddard… a Beautiful Wedding in Daytona Beach Florida.

Nicole and Tom said their vows in a beautiful church service in Port Orange. With pictures immediately following at the church…. AND at the beautiful Riverside Pavilion, AND then off to the Plaza Hotel! SO. MANY. PLACE. for AMAZING pictures!!! At one point we realized we’d been shooting for so long our lovely couple was going to pass out from hunger… so we dug through our bags and found some munchies… because… well, photographers ALWAYS have snacks! 🙂 And then we got to shoot some MORE!

See, I find when couples give us plenty of time to do what we do, we can get such a great variety of imagery with a fraction of the stress! Which was great, because there was a lot of pressure riding on this one. Nicole’s mom Patty knew me from the chamber. We discovered that I went to college in the same little hippy town in upstate New York that she is from. So when they reached out to me to do their daughter’s wedding, I was psyched. With people that basically LIVE in events, I knew this one would go so smoothly, and with an attention to detail that photographers live for.  Great vendors, great timeline, great everything! And our couple was so much fun to work with. The deep green color accents were beautiful, and the reception decor was impeccable. We definitely had a blast with this one, and are SO happy we got to be involved!

We wish you a lifetime of happiness together, Nicole & Tom, and a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR as husband and wife!

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