Mandy & Cody: Love & A Little Deuce Coupe

Mandy & Cody exchanged vows on a perfect day at the perfect venue. The bouquet was perfect. The weather was perfect.  And when it was all over and they rode down the drive in their family’s antique deuce coupe,  and their friends and family clapped in the background… still lavender in our bride’s hair and smiles on both of their faces… and I thought to myself, well, that one was PERFECT.

I do a TON of Estate on the Halifax weddings, and I must say, this one is one I’ll remember for a while. First of all, it was my whole team. TWO photographers, video, photo booth, my planner in training…. and I can’t speak for my whole team but I know I had an absolute blast!

I’m a very posy photographer. I help my clients know how to stand, where to look, and what to do during the photo process… but when I get people that can take the pose that I put them in and adapt it… that can laugh, and hug, and just be themselves, I find the pictures are SO much better! I can make people stand in an aesthetically pleasing way, but having them look natural and happy… that’s something that takes true love.

And true love was what we got to work with the whole time. It was an honor and from all of us at Jennifer Juniper Photography, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together!



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