Tara & Joe: A Destination Beach Wedding Elopement

I LOVE Daytona Beach elopements.    They’re ALL of the photo opportunities, with NONE of the stress, chaos, and confusion that can come from a full wedding.  We get the opportunity to work with our bride and groom on a 1 on 1 basis, focusing on portraits that they can cherish for a lifetime.

On top of that, I feel like I get to provide these couples with a vision that is entirely different from our local brides.  Here in Florida, the beach is something we see every day. I can’t count the number of times this year alone I’ve left “work” sandy and wind blown.  The beach is my second “office”. We almost take for granted that to some people it’s completely new, and with these brides I get the opportunity to see Daytona from a completely fresh perspective!

Tara and Joe were a blast, and we got to work with one of our favorites, Jillian with Ceremonies by the Sea/ a Lovely Engagement.  It was sweet, and simple, and private, and PERFECT! The weather was great, our couple was great, and we could NOT be happier with these wedding pictures!! Thank you guys SO much for letting us be a part of your big day!

DSC_7000 (1)DSC_7000 (3)DSC_7020 (3)DSC_7065bDSC_7085 (2)DSC_7085 (3)DSC_7100bDSC_7109 (5)DSC_7109 (6)DSC_7109 (13)DSC_7116 (2)bDSC_7116 (4)DSC_7116 (5)DSC_7131DSC_7137 (2)DSC_7137 (4)DSC_7149bDSC_7172DSC_7216bDSC_7274cDSC_7278bDSC_7470 (2)DSC_8468DSC_8514 (3)DSC_8520cDSC_8552DSC_8557bDSC_8575 (3)bDSC_8595bDSC_8610 (2)DSC_8610 (4)DSC_8665bDSC_8649cDSC_8617b

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