Megan + Robbie: … Something Borrowed, Something Blueberry

I had the pleasure of being a part of this STUNNING venue’s open house back when they first opened! So it was truly an honor to be back working there for Megan & Robbie’s wedding. It was the perfect mix of rustic and chic, and the endless fields of blueberries lent itself to some absolutely STUNNING backdrops for our portrait session.  I mean, it doesn’t get better than a Florida sunset, a GORGEOUS couple, and rows and rows of BLUEBERRIES!

But before we got to the dramatic newlywed portraits, we got to experience so much else with our couple. From getting ready, to their first touch, to vows, to first kiss, every single thing was perfect! Truly picture perfect!

As a Daytona Beach wedding photographer, I get to go to some truly awesome places and work with some amazing people. But this is one place that we absolutely CANNOT wait to return to! Megan and Robbie and ALL of your friends and family… it was truly a pleasure and we wish you all a lifetime of happiness together!

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