Florida Destination Sunrise Beach Wedding

I don’t get to photograph a Florida destination sunrise beach wedding often. A lot of people find it way too early. I’ll admit, it is difficult when the alarm goes off at 3 or 4 am. BUT, sunrise weddings are SO worth it! And this one was truly spectacular.

Sumere and Anthony’s Florida destination sunrise beach wedding was about an hour south for me. So we had to leave early to ensure we didn’t hit traffic. There’s something truly magical about driving towards the ocean before the sun even rises. It’s so peaceful, and when you start to see little glimpses of color over the horizon… well nothing beats that.

We made it safely to PlayaLinda. It was exciting to work with our favorite Florida wedding officiant! Pastor Mike with Pastor Mike Weddings is just amazing. We all saw a mom and baby bobcat playing by the steps to the ocean. Incredible!

This particular Florida beach elopement was super special because I have never seen colors in the sky like this before! Pinks and orange and gold. It was truly an amazing experience. Our couple exchanged vows in front of the most incredible backdrop. Waves crashed in the background, and before we knew it, they were husband and wife.

The ceremony was over before the sun even peeked up over the horizon. We were well into the portraits when we saw it come up, and it was amazing to behold. We no longer wanted to curl back up in bed, for this was something that most people don’t get to see very often.

As it rose higher in the sky, we finished up the portraits. Anthony showed me a picture of his parents in heavy parkas from their wedding day and asked if we could re-create the same picture. So we did. It was a pleasure working with Pastor Mike, and our lovely couple. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

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